I design creative, conceptual business communications for individuals, small businesses, and non-profits. For every project, I strive to create a striking, appropriate visual solution that delivers your message to your intended audience in a compelling way—while staying on-time and on-budget.

a short quiz

Ask yourself, are my organization’s visual communications (e.g. logo, business cards, website, advertisements, etc.):

Appropriate. Do they meet the needs and expectations of my clients, vendors, and industry? Dress for success. Establish that you are serious and trustworthy.

Distinctive. Do they set me apart from other businesses in my geographic area and industry? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … and flattery will get you nowhere.

Honest. Do they accurately reflect the goals and capabilities of my organization? Is your business a taco truck or Taco Bell? Okay—act like it.

Consistent. Are they applied in a recognizable way across all public-facing materials? Can your clients spot you from a mile away?

If you answered Yes to all of the above, congratulations! Your brand is in good hands. If you answered No to one or more of the questions, let’s talk about how to get you back on track.

I’m an alumnus of the University of Idaho and continued my education at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. When taking a break from client projects, I enjoy exercise, reading, and expanding my knowledge of design software.