I design creative, conceptual business communications for small businesses, non-profits, and individuals. A freelance designer since 2008, I’m equally at ease working independently or in a collaborative role. I frequently work on behalf of creative firms as well as designing for a small roster of my own clients. I began my design career as a junior art director at UpRoar Advertising · Design · PR after studying graphic design at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. Prior to that, I earned a BFA in Art from the University of Idaho.

“Creative, conceptual communication”—what’s that supposed to mean?

Creative You may believe that mimicking the industry leader’s logo or website will lend credibility to your company, but copycat design could make your product look like a cheap knock-off. Why do customers come to you instead of the other guy? Make that a point of strength and strive to increase the advantage. An original design will illustrate how you’re different (and better!) than the competition.

Conceptual You’re a widget manufacturer, but what characteristics of your company or product can be likened to some larger, abstract concept? There’s a good reason that metaphor and simile are favorite tools of poets, lyricists, and authors: juxtaposing two seemingly unrelated ideas is a powerful and memorable way to make a point. Anything goes, as long as the connection is genuine and believable. Once we’ve perceived how your widgets are like … (a rose? a summer’s day?) that “aha!” moment sticks with us and may even inspire us to share the discovery with others.

Communication The tools of design—balance, contrast, proportion, etc—are aesthetic, but the purpose is communication. While fine art may be excused if it approaches the merely superficial or decorative, design decisions should be guided by considerations of the practical, rational, and appropriate. This doesn’t mean design must be humorless or stark, simply that levity or playful touches may be misplaced in a brochure for headstones. The most effective design will clarify and enhance meaning.

I hope you’ll agree that my portfolio demonstrates the effectiveness of these ideas, which are at the heart of my problem-solving approach to design. Thanks for visiting the site. If you need a designer or would just like to say hello, I invite you to get in touch.

Pete Woychick

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